Why Do Women Like Anal Sex So Much?

Why Do Women Like Anal Sex So Much?

Many women enjoy anal intercourse, but because they do not have any experience on how to go about it, they are afraid of having anal sex for the first time. This often results in them avoiding finding a sexual partner altogether. Why

Do Women Like Anal Sex So Much? It’s all fetish fun.

Women are generally more experimental sexually than men. Because of this, women would not normally be interested in anal intercourse, unless it is one of their first experiences. Another reason why do women like anal sex so much is because of the taboo nature of it. Anal intercourse has always been considered very taboo. Most people find it inappropriate even for their own bedrooms.

The third reason why women are into anal sex is because douching is very common for women. Women are now very conscious of what they put their bodies through. Douching is a way for women to ease the effects of stress and strain on the body. The practice of douching has been practiced since ancient times. There are a lot of myths about the benefits of douching, some of which are untrue. However, douching is still a common practice among women all over the world.

Back stimulation is also common with girls

A lot of women would love to experience anal stimulation during sex. The main reason why anal stimulation is not done is that women are afraid of the pain that will come afterwards. Anal intercourse is done by gently rubbing the anus on the penis to increase the pleasure and the sensation felt from anal sex. This will cause the nerve endings to become more sensitive after each sexual session.

Another reason why anal sex is not commonly done by women is because douching can remove the protective mucus that protects the vagina and the inner parts of the rectum. When this mucus is eliminated, the nerves inside the vagina and the anus will be exposed. This will cause the feeling of pain and discomfort when having anal sex. It is also said that frequent douching can lessen the production of natural lubrication that keeps the vaginal area moist. Without proper lubrication, the friction on the skin will cause friction on the nerves, which will cause discomfort.

Although anal sex may seem to be degrading for girls, the majority of girls still love it

They enjoy the feeling of being able to satisfy themselves. It is no wonder why anal sex is one of the most popular sexual activities for women today.

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