Solo Anal Masturbation

Solo Anal Masturbation

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Solo anal masturbation is any kind of self stimulation of the rectum, anus, or vagina. For personal pleasure that can only be achieved by the use of your fingers alone (for masturbation), a vibrator, or oral sex toys.

It is said that solo masturbating can produce intense orgasms that would have been impossible to achieve during intercourse. The stimulation of the anus and vagina when performed alone produces friction. And rubbing that can heighten the pleasure a woman receives during sex.

Solo masturbation also allows a woman to masturbate without the embarrassment or shame associated with masturbation in a relationship.

To get started on your solo anal masturbation adventure you should get yourself a couple different methods for solo anal play. A water-based dildo, or butt plug, may be a great way to start out. Especially if you already have a lubricant for your toy.

There are also several solo masturbation toys that are specifically designed for solo use. Such as vibrators, dildos, butt pads, and so on. If you do not own a water-based butt plug or other solo masturbation toy, you may want to look into purchasing one. Water-based plugs have been designed with a slippery texture that creates an intimate feeling while being used. They have come a long way since their original inception!

The goal of anal masturbation is to use your skill to send pleasurable vibrations through your anus and to your vagina to heighten your pleasure. The goal isn’t to reach climax, but instead to reach a level of pleasure that makes it feel good. This can be achieved by either rubbing your sex toy across your anus and into your vagina. Or simply rubbing your clit against your partner’s anus. The important thing to remember is to enjoy the experience and increase your levels of pleasure. By either rubbing or vibrating your sex toy across your sensitive anal area.

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