Hot Anal Sex Extreme

Hot Anal Sex Extreme

What is the greatest way to please a woman during intercourse? Is it with her hot little butt in your face and your fingers wrapped around her vaginal muscles. How about hot anal sex, that would be the ultimate dream come true. We all know how girls really love it when their lover’s doggy-style and go for that shaggy cut off the tip, it makes their clitoris glisten and puts them on the brink of orgasmic bliss.

There is a new trend in the bedroom scene and that is using “hot anal” as the new term to refer to aggressive foreplay techniques. Girls love it rough, when you pound away at her with your manhood in her butt, that’s hot anal sex. There is no doubt that when you are banging her from behind you are also delivering extra energy into her vagina, which leads to intense, mind-blowing orgasms. I’m sure you are getting the picture now.

So, if hot anal sex is what you want, why not explore other ways to make her climax faster than ever before

I’m talking about using your fingers to stimulate her g-spot to bring her to explosive orgasmic pleasure. The g-spot is found inside her vagina close to the anus. This is where your fingers can really do some good. Insert your fingers into her vagina and run them up and down her outer walls and you will definitely feel something amazing. If you have not found her g-spot yet, do not worry, I will soon reveal it to you.

Another great way to make her climax fast is by using a combination of your fingers and your tongue on her G-spot

This works best when you are first starting out with anal sex and will take a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with the whole process. Most women are not too keen on having their anus stimulated too much at first, but just keep trying. When you first start to feel a little discomfort, stop everything you are doing and try again in a few minutes. Sometimes a little discomfort is normal and is the only thing that will make you want to stick with your anal sex techniques.

When you are finally able to insert your finger(s) into her vagina, be sure to explore her G-spot with your tongue

Remember, this area is not only the hot spot for anal sex, but also the perfect place for a good girl climax. With your tongue, experiment with circling around her G-spot while you do your other hand jobs. This is one way that works best for most women, that is sure to bring her to explosive climaxes.

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The best thing you can do to ensure that she gets off fast is to focus on her breathing. Most men will focus on the actual sucking while the woman is riding her orgasm and that is okay. In fact, it may even be a good idea to take a little time and ask her how her day was and ask her if she needed anything. By taking this mental step, you can distract her mind from the pleasure that you are giving her by focusing on something completely different. This mental diversion can go a long way towards setting the mood for some hot anal sex for you as well.

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